The Beauty of Kashmir

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The Beauty of Kashmir

Kashmir is affectionately called "Heaven on Earth" and rightfully so as Kashmir's natural beauty tends to captivate your eyes, soothe your soul, and bring a peaceful inner joy within you making you realizing that, "the world is beautiful". 

Iced cold sparkling waterfalls cascading over chunks of granite along the highway. Bubbling clear and clean from fresh snow melt creeks flowing over gray, blue, red and green smooth egg shaped rocks.

Sweeping hilly green meadows spotted with thick Fir Pines. Cute as can be wild baby horses with their moms grazing the fresh grass and white rabbits peering out of their holes hoping that a piece of Naan bread will be tossed to them to nibble on.

Snow-capped Himalayan mountains hovering over the Kashmir Valley and the  crisp clean fresh air filled with the slight scent of burning wood. 

Kashmir is truly heaven on earth.