International Shipping - We Ship To Over 20 countries!

We will ship to your country!

Kashmir House of Pashminas ships internationally to most countries!

Standard shipping rates are approximately $25 to $27 using United States Postal Service (USPS).

Shipping times vary per country but usually averages about 6 to 10 business days.

Items under $100 are not insured.

Anything over $100 will be insured.

These are just a few of the countries we will ship to:

Russia, China, Brazil, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Canada, France, Australia, Netherlands, India, Taiwan, Spain, Indonesia, Mexico and South America. 

Kashmir House of Pashminas is not responsible for any additional customary/custom taxes that may apply to your package upon arrival to your country. At the time we ship your package, our associates complete all shipping and custom forms required by the United States Postal Office (USPS) prior to shipping. We characterize all items as 'merchandise' and state the exact price of each item included on all customs/shipping forms. 


Kashmir House of Pashminas